Limited Enrollment Programs
at the University of Maryland
Limited Enrollment Programs at the University of Maryland

Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP) have specific gateway requirements for admission and determine their enrollments on a space-available basis. All students — current and transfer — may apply to a Limited Enrollment Program. Please see the information below to learn about the specific requirements for each LEP.

All undergraduate courses in spring 2020 will default to the pass/fail grading method. The minimum grade requirements for major, concentration, Academic Writing, General Education and benchmark courses, as well as Limited Enrollment Programs Gateway courses, will be satisfied by a mark of P for the spring 2020 semester. If a student elects to opt in to the regular grading method, so as to obtain a letter grade for a course, the regular grading policies apply, and the student must meet the minimum grade required for the LEP Gateway courses.

For additional information about spring 2020 grading and Limited Enrollment Programs, please see the UMD Keep Learning site.

What type of student are you?

Transfer Students

I want to transfer to the University of Maryland and major in a Limited Enrollment program.

All students who wish to apply to the University of Maryland and major in a LEP are encouraged to complete the required courses, or Gateways, in order to major in the LEP upon matriculation.

Current Students

I am currently a student at the University of Maryland and would like to change my major to a Limited Enrollment Program.

Current students who wish to change their majors to an LEP must first complete the required courses, or Gateways, prior to applying to the Limited Enrollment Program.

LEP Guidelines

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The following guidelines pertain to all Limited Enrollment Programs:

  • Only one gateway or performance review course may be repeated to earn the required grade and that course may only be repeated once. When more than one course can satisfy a gateway requirement, taking a second course from the list will count as a repeat. Please note that a grade of "W" is considered an attempt and must be repeated.
  • Students may apply once to an LEP.
  • Students who were directly admitted and fail to meet the performnce review criteria will be dismissed from the major and may not reapply.
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 after admission to an LEP. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the major.
  • Any student denied admission or dismissed from the major may appeal in writing to the individual LEP.

Students directly admitted to LEP major upon freshman admission

Freshmen who were accepted to a University of Maryland Limited Enrollment Program must complete a series of courses, or Gateways, and earn a minimum grade point average in order to remain in the major. Please select your current major from the drop down list in order to see the requirements of your major.

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Questions about LEPs at UMD may be directed to lep@umd.edu.

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